2003 Reunion Photos

Martha Jo Probst, with card
we signed to send to Jim Shown.
Jim was serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq.

Dan Nicolini

Hilary Asher, Tammy Reed
(Mr. & Mrs.)

Jim Britton

Dan Culp

Mike Unruh

Ken Brugh and Mrs.

Kathy Klotz

Cindy Hoffman

Karen Williams

Mary Jane Dexter, Pete Dexter
(sister and brother)

Clara Eberlein

Steve Van Ootegham

From left: Jim LaBelle, Jim Jasiwicz

From left:
Susan Hess, Mary Rhoade, Suhaila Shamsuddin, Carol Ann Nix

From left: Carol Ann Nix, Alice Beard

Don Plummer, Suzy Collins (Mr. & Mrs.)

George Roelandts and Mrs.

~ photos by Pete Dexter ~



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