An Ode to Auggie Baetsle
- by Terry Demaegd

. . . I enjoyed high school and didn't want to leave at graduation; however, I have few memories of high school and even fewer of teachers other than generalized feelings about them: So-and-so was a good teacher while another so-and-so was not. It's odd that people and events that so shape impressionable young life often come at an age when no discernible appreciation of them can be made, and -- since no conscious impression was formed -- the ability to recall them recedes with time until, like Alice's Cheshire cat, only a disappearing smile (or frown) remains. I have a smile when I think of Auggie, but I cannot make out the outline of his character in my mind. Perhaps it is enough that one can look back and smile at the name of a particular individual without really knowing why.

Terry DeMaegd,
a former student from the south side of the tracks,
May 1999

Question: What is a slide rule?

Answer: If you have to ask, you're too young to understand.

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