Gone but not forgotten:
Sixty are known to have died:
Ellie Allen, Dave Anderson, Jeff Barcus, Frances Barfell, Judy Blankenhorn, Karen Broomall, Mary Carter, Vicki Christman, Patricia Collins, Terry Crothers, Danny Culp, Colleen Deal, Gene DeFauw, Walt Eakins, Tim Farr, Frances Fisher, Cheri Frazier, Dennis Graham, Becky Ann Greene, Judy Greenlee, Francie Grisham, Jim Hallaert, Danny Harbin, Steve Hartley, Linda Hatfield, Steve Hazen, Barb Hitchins, Linda Howe, Paul Huyvaert, Linda Jasiewicz, Sharon Johnson, Joe Klinedinst, Kris Knitter, Rich Kunkle, Jim Manis, Janice Matz, Pamela McCarter, Charles Mott, Donald Nisley, Maurice Nisley, Sandy O'Connell, Timothy Przygocki, Brenda Reynolds, Bill Richter, Claude Rodgers, Bob Ruthrauff, Tom Smith, Bob Stewart, Mike Stickles, Richard Stuff, Wava Sweet, Jackie Swonger, Jimmie Trovatore, Bev Vance, Ronnie Williams, Jack Wilson, Ron Wise, David "Jim" Zeigler, Cheryl Ziegert, Tom Zimmerman.
HERE for a virtual cemetery for the MHS Class of 1968.)

Eleanor Gay "Ellie" Allen:
born September 6, 1950; died October 14, 1996.

Died at 46 in Escambia Co., Florida, in an automobile accident. While in high school, Ellie lived on Miles Avenue with the REEVES family. Ellie married Eddie TREAT in June 1968. Later, she married Kenneth Wayne LAWSON; she died under the name Eleanor Lawson. (NOTE: In the marriage index for her marriage to Eddie Treat, her name is listed as "Eleanor Gay HITT." In other words, it may be that her maiden name really was HITT.)

David R. "Dave" Anderson:
born April 7, 1950; died September 7, 1985.

Died at 35 in Plymouth, Indiana, in his home. In high school, Dave was in the junior class play and the International Relations Club, and he lived on N. Byrkit. He had worked at Bendix for the eleven years before his death. When he died, he had been married for five months. His wife survived. Dave had no children.

Jeffrey L. "Jeff" Barcus:
born September 26, 1950; died August 11, 1985.

Died at 34 in Mishawaka. Jeff owned a water bed store and played with his old "garage band" even after he grew up. In high school, he was one of the "preachers' kids,' and he wrote sports for the school paper. He lived on E. Mishawaka Ave., and in the "senior wills," he wrote, "I, Jeff Barcus, will Dick Barrett my unexcused tardy slips."

Frances Lydia "Frankie" Barfell:
born January 31, 1950; died March 14, 2009.

Died at 59 in Searcy, White Co., Arkansas. In high school, Frances was one of the College Preparatory students and home was on W. Jefferson. She died under her married name, Frances Graybill.

Judy Ann Blankenhorn:
born March 23, 1949; died October 14, 2009.

Died at 60 in Columbia, South Carolina. She grew up in the Normain Heights neighborhood and was active in Camp Fire Girls. She died under her married name, Judy Hopper.

Karen Sue Broomall:
born May 10, 1950; died February 6, 2014.

Died at 63 in Ventura County, California. She died under her married name, Karen Krassner.

Mary Esther Carter:
born October 7, 1949; died August, 30, 1993.

Died at 43 in Mishawaka. Mary was one of Mrs. Hysinger's little Blue Birds. In high school, she was in the commercial club, and home was on S. Race St. She died under her married name, Mary Pawlak.

Vicki Lynn Christman:
born July 12, 1950; died August 12, 2015.

She died in Spanaway, Pierce Co., Washington, under her married name, Vicki Custard.

Patricia A. Collins:
born December 16, 1949; died March 23, 2008.

Died at 58 in South Bend. Pat was another of Mrs. Hysinger's little Blue Birds who became a Camp Fire Girl. She died under her married name, Patricia Fisher.

Terry Leonard Crothers:
born February 7, 1950; died May 20, 2013.

Died at 63 in Granger.

Danny Lynn Culp:
born August 15, 1950; died February 6, 2015.

Colleen M. Deal:
born June 3, 1950; died January 4, 2010.

Died at at 59 in Rudyard, Michigan. She died under her married name, Colleen Seltzer.

Gene Allen DeFauw:
born November 27, 1949; died July 5, 2012.

Died at at 62 in St. Joseph Co., Indiana.

Walter V. Eakins:
born June 28, 1949; died October 11, 2008.

Died at 59 in South Bend. Walt was at Bingham for kindergarten through 6th grades, then at Beiger for 7th and 8th. He played football at MHS in 9th and 10th grades. Until he became seriously ill, Walt was the store manager at the CVS Pharmacy in Bremen.

Timothy M. "Tim" Farr:
born July 28, 1949; died March 3, 1968

Died at 18 in Mishawaka. Tim began kindergarten at North Side and died our senior year. He lived on W. Broadway.

Frances K. Fisher:
born 1949; died July 1971.

Died at 22 in Virginia. Frances and her family moved to Indiana from West Virginia in 1959. Both she and her husband were killed after their car was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. They were survived by their three-month-old daughter. Frances died under her married name, Frances Sales.

Cheryl "Cheri" Frazier, Mrs. Randy Frederick:
born March 22, 1950; died February 22, 1968.

Died at 17, in South Haven, Michigan. Cheri was one of the Battell kids. During high school, she lived on Vistula Road. She died as a result of an auto accident our senior year. There was an ice-related two-car crash just south of Bangor, Michigan; Cheri was a passenger in one of the cars. The car Cheri was in was being driven by a woman friend of Cheri, and Cheri's friend died also. Cheri died under her married name, Cheryl Frederick.

Dennis Ray Graham:
born October 10, 1950; died April 28, 2015.

Becky Ann Greene:
died March 1980.

Died at about 31. During high school, home for Becky was at 817 W. Edgar.

Judith Kay "Judy" Greenlee:
born July 31, 1950; died November 11, 2011.

Died at 61, in California. Judy began school in kindergarten at Battell Elementary School. She completed her Ph.D. in molecular genetics at University of Notre Dame and did post-doctoral work at Stanford University and University of California. She was a professor of biology at Pasadena City College. Judy was a joy to all who knew her. In fifth grade, Judy was the one to challenge the thinking that the basketball court was there for only boys at noontime recess. In high school, in one day, she was sent home for wearing a skirt that was too short (she had grown over the summer) and for wearing a skirt that was too long (she returned to school wearing a hippie-style "granny gown"). Judy did not always have it easy, but what Judy always had was a smile and concern for people around her. She was survived by her husband.

Frances Ellen "Francie" Grisham:
born July 27, 1950; died October 26, 2015.

She died in Jonesboro, Arkansas under her married name, Frances Workman.

James G. Hallaert:
born October 13, 1950; died May 19, 1983.

Died at 32. Jim was one of the "Catholic kids." He left MHS headed for Purdue, having willed Dick Barrett his "old radio tubes" in a "senior will." He served in Viet Nam while in the U.S. Army. He married Cynthia Lynn Kirby. Their daughter became an R.N.; their son became a mortgage consultant.

Danny Joe Harbin:
born May 13, 1949; died August 9, 1969.

Died at 20. During high school, home for Danny was on Dodge Ave.

Steven Lon Hartley:
born September 12, 1948; died July 2014.

Died at 65.

Linda S. Hatfield:
born December 20, 1949; died June 1, 1983.

Died at 33 in Arlington, Virginia. Linda grew up on Alfred Street and left Mishawaka for the U.S. Army. In high school, she was involved in the cheerblock, Reader's Guild, and math and history clubs. She died in Arlington, Virginia, under her married name, Linda Latham.

Steve Hazen:
born July 2, 1948; died July 3, 2009.

Died at 61, in Mishawaka. Steve grew up on Beiger Street with six siblings. He lived in Hawaii for 25 years before returning to Mishawaka. In high school, ran track, wrestled, was an M-Man, and was in Student Council.

Barbara Lynn Hitchins:
born April 17, 1950; died March 19, 2016.

She died in Florence, Arizona, under her married name Barbara Ledbetter.

Linda Irene Howe:
born November 23, 1949; died June 16, 1998.

Died at 48, in Oceanside, California. Linda died four days before our 30th reunion. She retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant, and was living in Oceanside when she died. While at MHS, Linda was a library assistant and lived on E. 12th St. Her "senior will," was, "I, Linda Howe, will Val Bennett the wonderful senior year that I have had."

Paul Michael Huyvaert:
born July 6, 1950; died April 14, 2010.

Died at 59, in South Bend.

Linda Marie Jasiewicz:
born September 6, 1950; died February 27, 2008.

Died at 57 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Linda lived on S. Laurel in high-school days. Most of her adult life was spent in New Mexico. Linda was a Registered Nurse and the mother of two daughters. She died under her married name, Linda Wiedlocher.

Sharon Lee Johnson:
born October 1, 1950; died June 19, 2002.

Died at 51 in South Bend's Our Lady of Peace Hospital, in Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center. Sharon lived on Berlin Ave. in high-school days. She was at Peoria Central H.S., Peoria, IL, for 10th grade. She was a wife and the mother of four sons, all whom she was able to rear to adulthood before her death. She died under her married name, Sharon Ziegert.

Joseph C. "Joe" Klinedinst:
born September 14, 1950; died May 18, 2000.

Died at 49. Joe grew up on E. Broadway, went to St. Monica Elementary School, followed by Marion High for 9th & 10th grades. At MHS, he was in the junior class play and Student Council. Senior will: "I, Joe Klinedinst, will Carl Perri my old, smelly, flower-power signs, my apple cores, and unused vocabulary cards -- all 1000 of them." After MHS, he grew and sold organic vegetables. Joe left four children.

Kristine Ann Knitter:
born September 15, 1950; died March 28, 1974.

Died at 23, in Mishawaka. Kristine grew up on Lincoln Way West and was in the German club in high school. Only months before she died, Kristine had graduated from Indiana University at South Bend with a degree in elementary education. She died from complications of a cold, in her bed at home, and her mother found her in the morning.

Richard Wayne Kunkle:
born December 14, 1950; died January 28, 2013.

Died at 62.

James L. "Jim" Manis:
born July 15, 1949; died August 9, 1968.

Died at 19. Jim died in an auto accident soon after we graduated. He grew up on W. 12th St. and was on the swim team and in the craftsmen club. Senior will: "I, Jim Manis, will John Haelbrauck my cowboy hat."

Janice Elaine Matz:
October 26, 1950; died February 25, 2001.

Died at 50, in Lafayette, Indiana. Janice was one of the hall guides in high school. She grew up on Gernhart, was active in FTA, German club, and International Relations. She had Muscular Sclerosis and was quite ill in her last few years. She was so ill that close friends from her childhood believed that she had already died by the 1998 class reunion. Janice died two-and-a-half years later, in a Lafayette nursing home under her married name, Janice Renfroe. She left behind a daughter who hadn't yet reached adulthood.

Pamela Jo McCarter:
born August 6, 1949; died September 25, 2014.

She died in Forsyth County, Georgia, under her married name Pamela Biscan.

Charles Eugene Mott, Sr.:
born April 17, 1949; died August 5, 2011.

Died at 62, in Rochester, Indiana. In high school, Charlie was part of the print shop team who helped to print the ALLTOLD every week. He also gave service as an usher for musical performances, school plays, and special events. Charlie enlisted in the U.S. Army soon after high school, and he served in Viet Nam. Charlie had four young children when his wife died when Charlie was only 31. He raised those four children on his own, working and parenting to get his children to adulthood. He was survived by three sons, a daughter, and five grandchildren.

Donald Lee Nisley:
born February 27, 1949; died December 6, 2015.

Maurice Nisley, Jr.:
born March 23, 1950; died March 14, 2005.

Died just short of 55, in Mishawaka. Maurice graduated from MHS with a trade major. He grew up on S. Byrkit, along with his three brothers and two sisters. His brothers Don and Ron (twins) were also part of the MHS Class of '68.

Sandra Gail "Sandy" O'Connell:
born February 23, 1950; died September 4, 2012.

Died at at 62 in Florida. She was survived by a daughter and a grandchild. Sandy had lost a son when he was a baby. She died under her married name, Sandra Gosc.

Timothy Przgocki:
born October 7, 1948; died February 19, 2014.

Died at 65 in San Francisco, California.

Brenda Joyce Reynolds:
born January 18, 1950; died July 18, 2010.

Died at 60, in Mountain View, Arkansas. She died under her married name, Brenda Kemble.

William Dale "Bill" Richter, Jr.:
born December 18, 1949; died July 8, 1991.

Died at 41. Bill grew up on W. 6th St. and ran track at MHS. After high school, he served in the U.S. Navy.

Claude Charles Rodgers:
born January 21, 1950; died November 16, 2013.

Died at 63. Claude grew up on E. 4th St. and played golf at MHS.

Robert Charles "Bob" Ruthrauff:
born February 23, 1950; died July 13, 2007.

Died at 57, in the Mishawaka hospital. Bob grew up on N. Niles Ave. and was involved with wrestling and baseball at MHS. His sister Edie is from the MHS Class of '65; his brother Joe is from the MHS Class of '70. Bob had dealt with juvenile diabetes for most of his life.

Thomas Bruce "Tom" Smith:
born August 20, 1950; died August 16, 2000.

Died four days short of 50. Tom grew up on Lincoln Way West and stayed in Mishawaka after high school. At MHS he was part of the stage crew; at IUSB he became the Director of Instructional Technologies. He left behind three children and a new wife. His senior will: "I, Tom Smith, will Mr. Ed Fleming my goldplated, Dick Tracy, wireless wrist radio." Tom left three children and a new wife.

Robert Lee Stewart:
(reported deceased in the 2000 alumni directory)

Senior will: "I, Bob Stewart, will Terry Naragon my guitar."

Michael D. "Mike" Stickles:
born December 12, 1950; died October 22, 1992.

Died at 41. During MHS days, home for Mike was on Liberty Dr.

Richard A. Stuff:
born July 18, 1950; died December 21, 2008.

Died at 58. During MHS days, home for Rich was on East Sixth Street. He grew up as one of five brothers and was at Bingham for kindergarten through 6th grades, then at Beiger for 7th and 8th. At MHS, he was in the Craftsmen's Club. Rich spent his adult years working as a machinist.

Wava Marie Sweet:
born May 18, 1950; died April 12, 2014.

Died at 63, in South Bend. She died under her married name, Wava Tetzlaff.

Jacqueline "Jackie" N. Swonger:
born February 10, 1950; died January 15, 2005.

Died at 54, in South Bend's Memorial Hospital. She had been battling cancer. Jackie grew up on E. Lowell. On June 26, 1971, she married Michael D. Werner, from the MHS Class of 67. Jackie and Mike had two sons and four grandchildren. Jackie's best friend, Darlene Lennox (MHS '68), provided the words for her obituary and wrote, "She married her soul mate, love of her life and best friend." Mike and Jackie made their home in Mishawaka. She died under her married name, Jacqueline Werner.

Jimmie Joseph Trovatore:
born August 2, 1950; died October 17, 2001.

Beverly Joan "Bev" Vance:
born August 14, 1950; died March 29, 1991.

Died at 40, in Mishawaka's St. Joseph Hospital. Bev grew up on E. 3rd St., helped create our senior yearbook, and was involved in the cheerblock and the art and French clubs. On July 10, 1971, she married Russell L. Manly. Russell's family had moved to South Bend in 1962. Beverly and Russell had three sons, all who were minor children when Beverly died. Bev was a Purdue graduate and was working as a teacher aide in the Mishawaka school system. She died under her married name, Beverly Manly.

Ronald Lee "Ronnie" Williams:
born September 21, 1950; died June 3, 1994.

Died at 43. Ronnie was born in Griffithville, Arkansas, the son of M. Henry WILLIAMS and Lodius Idalee VANCE. He grew up on West Edgar on the north side of Mishawaka. He attended Mary Phillips and Main Junior High School before Mishawaka High School. At MHS, he was in the Craftsmen Club. When he died, his address was 19803 Birch Road, Tippecanoe, Marshall County, Indiana, and he was working as an auto body repairman at Don Meadow Pontiac in South Bend. Ronnie was survived by his wife, Patricia, whom he had married in 1983.

Jackie W. "Jack" Wilson:
born May 26, 1949; died May 6, 2013.

Died just short of his 64th birthday, at home in Mishawaka.

Ronald G. "Ron" Wise:
born May 13, 1950; died March 3, 1986.

Died at 35, in South Bend. Ron had been working at Sturgis Hospital as director of maintenance. He left no children.

David James "Jim" Zeigler:
born April 19, 1949; died July 19, 2007.

Died at 58, in Goshen General Hospital. While in high school, Jim lived on Charlotte Street. Most would remember him under the name "David." He served with the Usher's Club at MHS for three years, helping at class plays, concerts, Christmas Vespers, and basketball games.

Cheryl Lynn Zeigert:
born January 6, 1950; died January 19, 2015.

She died under her married name Cheryl Mark.

Thomas J. "Tom" Zimmerman:
born October 29, 1950; died September 4, 1988.

Died at 37. Tom was part of the Twin Branch kindergarten class and lived on Virginia St. At MHS, he played drums in the orchestra and the marching band. His senior will: "I, Tom Zimmerman, will Gary Kirk my job as band and orchestra manager." Tom died from Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was survived by twin daughters.

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