Mishawaka Connections:
Genealogies related to persons from the MHS Class of 1968

For many folks connected to the MHS Class of '68, there is a collection of genealogies here:
Mishawaka Connections (at rootsweb)

For more than 220 people from the MHS Class of '68 (and for some others with Mishawaka connections), there is information about their ancestors at that link. For some, there is little more than the name of a parent. For others, the information extends for several generations.

Names are visible only for the dead.

The database is the result of three projects by AMB:

  1. Research from 2003 to 2008 to find valid addresses for all from the MHS Class of 1968.
  2. Genealogy research done for Dawn Housand and for Judy Greenlee.
  3. An ongoing collection of obituaries since 1998, found here: MHS '68 obits

With those three projects, there was enough information that it deserved to be saved and added to.

The database was created with information from these public sources:

  • 1967-68 MHS student directory.
  • Obituaries published in the South Bend Tribune.
  • St. Joseph Co. marriage index, 1922-1989.
  • Social Security Death Index
  • St. Joseph Co. Public Library obit index.
  • Obits at St. Joseph Co. genealogy web site, maintained by Sharon Gill (MHS '68).
  • Indiana State Library's database for marriages through 1850.
  • U.S. censuses, state censuses, draft registration cards, military records, immigration records, and other records and information found at

The people who made up the Mishawaka High School Class of 1968 have many relationships and intermarriages. Among the group, there are at least these relationships:

  • seven siblings sets
  • an aunt and niece combo
  • ten sets of first cousins
  • one woman who is first-cousin once-removed to four people from the class
  • one set of 2nd cousins
  • a gaggle of folks who are cousins beyond the 2nd-cousin level
  • ten married couples (20 people)
  • one widowed couple (married young, she died soon after marriage)
  • six formerly married couples who now share children and grandchildren
  • eight sets of in-laws or former in-laws (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law)
  • two women whose children have married each other
  • one man's daughter is married to another man's nephew

The information was evaluated based on available information. However, there may be data entry errors, and there may be incorrect conclusions. If you find errors, please send email to this address: