Mishawaka Connections:
Genealogies related to folks from the MHS Class of 1968

For many folks connected to the MHS Class of '68, there is a collection of genealogies here:
Small Trees of Mishawaka (at

For more than 300 people from the MHS Class of '68 (and for some others with Mishawaka connections), there is information about their ancestors at that link. For some, there is little more than the name of a parent. For others, the information extends for several generations and has information such as ship's passage records.

Names are visible only for the dead.

The database is maintained and keeps growing at Most public libraries have free access to the site, and any person from the MHS Class of 1968 is welcome to contact Alice Beard and request an "invite." The "invites" are totally free and cost Alice nothing. With an "invite," you can look at the database anywhere you have access to the internet.

Before checking the database, you'll need an explanation:
That link will open to the tree of the late Dr. Robert Reed, Mishawaka's own "Dr. Marcus Welby." The tree had to be set to someone, and everyone loved Dr. Reed. To find YOUR ancestors, look at the box in the upper right corner that says, "FIND PERSON." Click on it, and type a name in the box. Begin with a parent or grandparent's name, and see what you find. If you cannot find your people in the database, contact Alice. She'll tell you whether your people are in the database, and, if so, the exact spelling used in the database.

The database began with three projects by AMB:

  1. Research to find valid addresses for all from the MHS Class of 1968.
  2. Genealogy research done for two folks from the Class of '68.
  3. The collection of obituaries since 1998, found here: MHS '68 obits

With those three projects, there was enough information that it deserved to be saved and added to. A gedcom file was created, ultimately uploaded at and is added to whenever Alice is bored. This is something like an unending supply of puzzles for an obsessive-compulsive genealogist.

The info in the database has come from a variety of public sources, including the following:

  • 1967-68 MHS student directory.
  • Obituaries published in the South Bend Tribune.
  • Marriage records for Indiana and a few other states.
  • Social Security Death Index
  • St. Joseph Co. Public Library obit index.
  • Obits at the St. Joseph Co. genealogy web site.
  • U.S. censuses, state censuses, draft registration cards, military records, immigration records, and other records and information found at

The information was evaluated based on available information. However, there may be data entry errors, and there may be incorrect conclusions. If you find errors, please send email to this address: