Mr. Earl Stine
-by Judy Greenlee

Earl Stine was my biology teacher in 1966 when I was an impressionable 15-year-old at MHS. During junior high, my interest in science had been cultivated by Bob Ernst at Main Junior High School. At MHS, Mr. Stine taught us a unit on genetics. As I remember, it involved coat color in guinea pigs (but given my memory, it could have been shirt color in bacteria). I understood it the first time through. It made sense; it clicked. I smiled and no doubt aced the test (ha ha ;-). Fast forward through many life adventures to IUSB, my junior year (1974) and my genetics professor. I remembered back to one of the FEW things that remained positively outstanding about my high school years: Mr. Stine, guinea pigs, and genetics. OOOOH WOW MAN, it clicked again! I told my genetics prof I wanted to go to graduate school in genetics, and faster than one could say "genetic engineering," I graduated from Notre Dame with a Ph.D. in molecular genetics. And I went on to post doctoral work at Stanford. Now, I'm a bona fide old geezer biology professor myself, teaching guinea pig coat color genetics to a new generation of rebels. Thanks, Mr. Stine. You never knew what an effect you had on me!

Judy Greenlee, Ph.D.
MHS 1968

Alton Earl Stine
born June 8, 1909;
died December 2, 1995

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